Joker to King:  Your 52-Week Initiation into Manhood
Brown & Gray Publications, 2016

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Amazon bestseller and grand prize winner of
the Southern California Book Festival (November 2016).


There has never been a manual on how to become a real man, but Dr. Brown's latest book Joker to King gets pretty close.

Presented as part memoir and part guidebook, Joker to King helps young males transition from being a guy to being a man.  The 52 lessons in Joker to King are organized according to the 52 playing cards in a deck, allowing young men to journey into manhood within a full 52-week calendar year.  Each chapter contains an explanation of a topic in manhood, a relevant story example, and a weekly mission to complete so that young men learn how to better manage their relationships, manage their resources, manage their environments, and manage themselves.  


This book will definitely challenge you as a person. Each chapter has a story and then an assignment or task to complete. I have been reading one chapter per week. I love that it takes 5-10mins to read a chapter. There are so many self help books that have shortcuts or you finish them in a week and then you are somehow supposed to be a better person. This book doesn't have any shortcuts. This book is for hard workers. If you TRULY want to become a better person and you are willing to work at it, then you will get a great deal of pleasure out of reading this book.

--Joe A. 
Redlands, California

I have two boys, 17 and 19. My oldest is a little lost and trying to find his path. This book is perfect! I have been searching for a book like this for years now...literally since my oldest reached his teen years. My sister has bought me book after book and none have given me and my boys such clarity as this one. I have seen their minds open to the possibility of being a whole person, and the kind of man that my husband and I have been trying to instill in them since they were little.

--Lisa L.
Austin, Texas

From the concept to the set up to the application, it is both refreshingly innovative and timeless in its wisdom. Wish I had enough influence to make the guys I know all read it, but that's sorta the whole point of being a king isn't it--to do things not because someone forced you to but because you know you need to always keep bettering yourself. So if you are a young(ish) man wondering how and when you are ever going to grow up already, please read this, and then tell another guy to read it.

--Kimberly V.
Cumberland Center, Maine